About the company

Vyshnevolotsky plant of enzyme preparations of DEKO Company Ltd. is located on suburb of the city of Vyshniy Volochok on the Tver’ region. The mill begins the history since 1889 production of highly acceptable starch. As raw materials the rice delivered by a waterway from India was used. Enterprise production under a trade mark «The White Elephant» was known to all Europe. Per 1959 under the decision of Ministerial council of the USSR the production of enzyme preparations first in the country for various branches of economy has been organized.

DEKO Company Ltd. is created in 1995 and in 2000 became the assignee of the Vyshnevolotsky plant of enzyme preparations of concern “Biological product “. The main profile of the company is the production of medicines.
Since 2001 of DEKO Company Ltd. developing according to the stage-by-stage strategic program of restoration and enterprise development. The basic direction – creation of capacities for bleeding of medical products of hospital sector, first of all, antibiotics, preparations for treatment of cardiovascular and oncological diseases, analgesics.

Our purpose – within the next years becomes abreast the leading domestic companies manufacturing various effective medical products for maintenance of health of the Nation.

Constant development and introduction of advanced achievements of a science and machinery in real production is to what we devote our work.

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