Industrial complex

Company DEKO Ltd industrial zone is on own ground area with a total area more than 170 000 m ².

Into an industrial complex of the enterprise enter:

deco_pupktOffice building;

deco_pupktManufacturing buildings, including:

  • Workshop № 1 – on production of sterile medical products of a small dosing in ampoules and bottles of various capacity
  • Workshop № 2 – on production of biologically active mergences, including pharmaceutical substances
  • Workshop № 3 – on production of the ready medicinal form cephalosporin antibiotics (in vials)
  • Workshop № 4 – on reconstruction
  • Workshop № 5 – on production of liquid and powder forms in vials
  • Workshop № 7 – on production of liquid medical products from a plant raw material;
  • Workshop R&D and others.
  • deco_pupktBuilding of the central storehouse;

    deco_pupktInfrastructure buildings, including:

  • The local electric transforming substation
  • The Gas boiler and heating plant
  • The refrigerating station with compressors
  • Artesian wells
  • Pumping stations.

  • The contents of all technological areas includes clean rooms systems with zones of purity B, C, D (with a local zone A on zone B).
    The basic shops are equipped by the modern process equipment and engineering systems, such as filling automatic transfer lines «Robert Bosch GmbH» (Germany) automatic transfer lines on filling, a closure and crimping of sterile powders in bottles «Robert Bosch Gmbh» (Germany), filtration sterilisation installations «Millipore» (USA), inspection machine for control of ampoules on mechanical inclusions and filling level (Brevetti C.E.A. Spa, Italy), the inspection car for control of ampoules on tightness (Nikka Densok Ltd, Japan); freeze-driers VEB Hochvakuum (Germany) and others.

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