Contract production

DEKO Company Ltd. offers services in disposition of orders on a contract warp. Capacities of the company and experience allow us to work successfully in the field of the organisation of contract production.

deco_pupktDEKO Company Ltd. is ready to co-operate within the limits of contract production under the medicinal forms of the preparations provided by the licence for production, namely:

  • Drugs for injection (in ampoules and vials of various capacity) ;
  • Powders of antibiotics (beta-lactams, cytostatics);
  • lyophilized products (in ampoules and vials of various capacity);
  • Tablets;
  • Capsules;
  • Sprays;
  • Syrups, extracts, tinctures;
  • Packing production of liquid and firm medicinal forms (primary and secondary package).

  • deco_pupktBesides, DEKO Company Ltd. offers services:

  • On production of veterinary preparations;
  • On lyophile drying drugs of hospital function;
  • To preparation and filling of sanitizers.

  • deco_pupktNow a number of the companies uses DEKO Company Ltd. as the deck for contract production, including a complete cycle:

  • Joint-Stock Company Pharmsynthez;
  • Joint-Stock Company Canonpharma production.

  • deco_pupktAdvantages of work with us:

  • Wide experience in sphere of production of pharmaceutical production;
  • Modern industrial complex with the hi-tech industrial equipment and a complex of laboratories;
  • Integrated System of Quality management according to requirements of MS ISO 9001-2008 taking into account requirements of Rules GMP and ICH Q10;
  • The highly skilled personnel;
  • Flexible working conditions with Customers;
  • Competitive price of services;
  • Possibility of bleeding both industrial, and skilled (small) series of medical products at a development cycle of a product and during procedure of the state registration;
  • Long-term and mutually advantageous partner relations.
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